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Industrial Security, VIP Protection, Surveillance, Bank Security, Armed Guards, Safety & Fire Fighting, Hotel Security, Multi - Strayed Building Security, Private Investigations, Electronic Security, Armed Escort for Cash and Valuable etc....

General Terms & Conditions

Unit Composition: It will be necessary to make a joint survey of the premises to assess deployment requirements.
Working Hours: Deployment will be made on a working schedule of 48 hours per week are 6 days in a week.
Compensation for Loss: Any loss suffered due to negligence or direct complicity of our staff shall be made good, if it is held after proper enquiry that our staffs was involved, after confirmation from competent Authority decision on the said case. However, no amount will be recovered from our bills until prior concurrence for the same is obtained from us.
Infra Structure: It will be the responsibility of the employer to make us available the required infra structure in respect of work to facilitate performance of duties and to ensure satisfactory service.
Re-Employment: None of our employees will be given employment directly or indirectly or through other contractors by the principal employer during the, tendency of the contract period as well as for one year from the date of expiry/ termination of the contract. Otherwise compensation equivalent to 3 months current pay shall be payable to us by clients.
Validity of Contract: The validity of contract will be for one year, which will automatically be extendable for subsequent years by mutual understanding.
Termination of Contract: The contract can be terminated by either party by giving one month's notice in writing or payment in lieu thereof.
Statutory & Other Liabilities: The contractor will be responsible for payment of Minimum Wages Rates, P.F., ESIC, Bonus, Gratuity, Leave, HRA etc., along with the uniforms, Liveries and seasonal wears to his employees. However, the principal shall ensure that the effect of the revision of the same by the Government.
Since we comply with Minimum Wages and other Act well within framed time, we expect our clients and hope our bill submitted on 1st to be realized by 7th so that we can disabuse the wage and deposit necessary contribution to the concerned authority in time.
We also have privilege to withdraw our services if the payments against the services render are not continuously paid for the two months, without serving any notice.